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  • Influencers can now build deep relationships with their followers without fear of being shadow-banned.
  • Brands can understand consumer insights and share their message with a receptive audience.
  • Consumers can talk freely about cannabis with a like-minded tribe.

Better Content,
No Shadowbans

Influencers can now build deep relationships with their followers without fear of being shadow-banned. 

Social + Streaming
Together at Last

Be the first to stream the G4+ originals like “The Next Marijuana Millionaire” and get behind the scenes footage of G4 events.

Customizable Profile Layouts

Choose your fonts, colors and profile layouts in our highly customizable profile view. Finally show off your unique personality.

The Ultimate Tool For Giving Your Audience More of What They Really Want

Almost everyone has encountered the strict restrictions related to cannabis on other social media platforms. That all changes with G4+.

Businesses, growers, chefs, budtenders or people who want to learn more about the cannabis industry can now post without the risk of having your account disabled, posts taken down or entire accounts deleted.

meetings: for content creators & businesses

Coming Soon

We know having a personal connection with your followers and customers is important. Receiving meeting requests from your followers to share more about your industry knowledge and products.

Want to chat with your favorite cannabis experts?

Book one on one meetings with your favorite creators and business experts to learn more about the industry.

explore our studio and watch movies, tv shows & more...

View your favorite movies, tv shows, documentaries and more from one place. G4+ now offers a variety of genres for users to stream or download directly from the app.

Get access to exclusive G4+ movies and shows not available anywhere else!

Designed by Cannabis Experts - for Cannabis Experts

The creators of G4+ aren’t software developers. We’re experts in the cannabis industry. We were looking for the perfect app that would allow brands and consumers to come together to talk freely about cannabis, without being shadow banned.

It didn’t exist. So we built it.

And now you can use it too. For free.

Contestants of the Next Marijuana Millionaire - Only on G4+

Contestants of the Next Marijuana Millionaire

Share cannabis recipes with your audience

Are you an absolute chef when it comes to cannabis infused food? Have a brownie recipe that feels illegal NOT to share?

Build your following by sharing all of your favorite cannabis recipes with your audience. You can post as many recipes as you want and discover even more creative ways to elevate your food.

customize your page & content
based on selected interests

Ever wish you could decide and customize what comes up on your Discover page? Now you can!

Select what interests you and change it at any time.

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